Various sources of optical communications-related materials and components:

What this page is about:

This page lists, in no particular order, suppliers of items that may (or may not) be useful to the optical experimenter.  This can include lenses, LEDs, photodiodes, photomultipliers, or whatever else that I happen to put here.

Because things change, do not be surprised if items appear/disappear from stock, companies change their URLs, or go out of business.

Important Notes:
Lenses (Fresnels, individual lenses, lens assemblies, etc.):

Even though some of the companies listed below deal mostly with electronic surplus, all of them have - at one time or another - offered various lenses amongst their stocked items:  You may have to do a bit of digging to find their offers of optics-related products.
Optical-related electronic components:

Many suppliers of electronic components happen to stock many components (other than lenses) that are useful to the optical experimenter.  There are also several surplus outlets that also have suitable components as well.  (The list below overlaps with the one above.)

Important notes concerning PIN photodiodes:

Important notes concerning Luxeon LEDs - although some of these points may apply with any LED that you might use:
Cree high-power LEDs:

Luminus "Phlatlight" high-power LEDs:

Additional comments:

If you have questions or comments concerning the contents of this page, if have information about other suppliers, feel free to contact me using the information at this URL.
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