The Swasey Peak Register
(The mailbox atop Swasey Peak)

Swasey Peak, at sunset.
This picture was taken from a location near-ish the "campground" area at the end of the road on the day that the contents of the register were "captured" digitally.
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Swasey Peak, at sunset

This page contains a documentation of the register (inside a mailbox) on Swasey Peak - the highest peak in the House Range (about 40 miles west of Delta, Utah) - as of October 22, 2010.  This register is contained within a glass jar housed in a metal mailbox nestled in a pile of rocks on the summit.  Why do this?  I happened to be up there on that date - to look for a GPS receiver that I'd dropped a few months earlier (no, I didn't find it...) and while I was waiting on the peak for the rest of my party to arrive.

Why Swasey?  It was from (near) this peak that, in October of 2007, an experiment was successfully completed in which we transmitted signals, through the atmosphere, using optical means and those efforts are described elsewhere on this,  the Modulated web site.

As noted in the document below I simply took pictures of each page.  The framing is slightly different and the lighting changed as clouds moved overhead.  The pictures are of somewhat reduced resolution and are compressed to make the file size reasonable, but everything should be quite readable.
Top Left:  The survey marker atop Swasey Peak.  This picture has been adjusted to increase contrast.
Top Right:  The mailbox containing the hiking register on Swasey Peak
Bottom Left:  Gordon, making an entry into the register on October 3, 2007
Bottom Right:  A view to the north from near the peak on October 22, 2010 - the day the register in the mailbox was "captured."
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Survey marker atop Swasey Peak
The mailbox containing the register on Swasey Peak
Gordon, writing an entry in the register
A view north from Swasey Peak

The register:

More information on Swasey Peak and the House Range in Utah:

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