Archive of files from the UK Nanowave Yahoo Group:

As of October, 28, 2019 Yahoo disabled the uploading of files to their Yahoo Groups and as of  December 14, 2019, this content is to be deleted.  The page linked below contains the files from the Yahoo Group, captured after the October 28, 2019 "freeze" date.  The individual email messages are expected to remain online and are not included here - but the long term disposition of attachments to messages is not clear.

In the Yahoo "Files" structure, users can create individual folder into which their files may be placed - but they may also place them in the main "Files" folder, uncatagorized.  To make it easier to create this archive, individual folders have been placed in "zip" files along with a text file that includes the original annotation presented on the Yahoo Groups.  The more numerous files that had been placed in the main folder have been placed in a "zip" archive.

Where available, some of the archives, below, contain a text (.txt) file that contains annotations:  Not all files/folders included such annotations.

The files linked below are "as is" with no modification or validation.

If you have questions or comments concerning the contents of this page, feel free to contact me using the information at this URL.

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